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How to Request and Obtain a Certificate of Employment in the Philippines?

Updated: Jan 31

Do you need a Certificate of Employment or COE? Sometimes, a current or former employer may require you to submit one as part of the application process or a third-party as a supporting document. In this guide, we will go over the basics of how to request and obtain a Certificate of Employment.

What is a Certificate of Employment?

As per Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Labor Advisory No. 6, series of 2020, a COE is defined as a certificate from the employer specifying the dates of an employee’s engagement and the termination of his/her employment and the type of work in which he/she was employed.

A COE may be used to prove one's current or previous employment with a company. In the height of the pandemic, an employee must present a COE, along with his company ID, before he/she can travel to another city or even board a bus. More so, a COE is a document that is commonly being requested by banks or telecom companies in case an employee will obtain a loan or even avail a postpaid plan, respectively.

Confirm Your Employer's Policy

Before requesting a Certificate of Employment, it is important to confirm the policy of your employer. Please check its process and timeline for releasing. Typically, employers require you to obtain a signed endorsement from your supervisor or manager before issuing the document. Make sure that you check if there are any additional documents required, such as release forms or proof of employment duration in case you are a previous employee. Additionally, as far as we know, there is no fee associated with obtaining a COE.

Draft a Request Letter

Once you have determined exactly what documentation is required, draft a request letter to your employer. Your request letter should explain the purpose of the Certificate, what information it requires and why it is needed. It should also clearly state that you are authorizing the release of this information by your employer and requesting an expedited response. Lastly, make sure to provide an expected timeline and mention the importance of accuracy and timely responses.

Submit Your Request to your Employer's Human Resources

Submit your formal Request Letter to your employer's Human Resources (HR) department via mail or email with all relevant information included such as job title, dates worked, and any other information that may be pertinent. It's also important to include the reason why you’re requesting it, which will typically be for some type of benefit or loan requisites.

Follow Up with Your Employer

After you have sent your request letter to your employer, it is important to follow up accordingly. If a response or Certificate has not been submitted in the allotted timeline, make sure to reach out with a polite yet firm reminder that you are still awaiting the necessary documentation. It can also be helpful to reach out via multiple contact mediums such as phone, email and mail if necessary. Check-in consistently but not overly aggressively so as to maintain professional relationships and avoid any sort of disruption of service from your employer.

When should the employer issue a COE?

Per Labor Advisory No 6, series of 2020, an employer is to issue a certificate of employment within three (3) days from the time of the request by the employee.

AanyaHR has COE Request!

In AanyaHR, COE request and issuance is a seamless process for all its registered users! In a few clicks, you can lodge your request and it will be submitted to HR or the approver real time. The company need not to worry as a COE template is readily available! They may even opt to use their e-signature. And once the COE request is approved, you may view/download it through web and mobile app without breaking any sweat!

Payroll System and HRIS COE - AanyaHR

Still don't have an idea how to start creating COE? you can use our downloadable templates below as reference:

COE_Sample with Salary
Download PDF • 901KB
COE_Sample without Salary
Download PDF • 835KB

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Source: DOLE

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