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Streamline your Payroll Processing with Outsourced Services in the Philippines

Aanyahr is the perfect solution for streamlining your payroll processing. We offer cost-effective and reliable services in the Philippines, so you can leave all your payroll worries behind.

Reduce administrative overhead

Improve reporting capabilities

On time and error free

More efficient and effective use of financial resources

Will outsourcing payroll work for you?

Any business looking to grow needs to ensure their main assets (their employees) are committed and happy. This is easier said than done especially with timely and accurately processing payroll and remaining compliant with all the regulatory compliances from BIR, DOLE, SSS, Phil Health and Pag-IBIG.

If you are experiencing any of the following signs, then it maybe time to outsource payroll processing:

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Payroll-Related Errors Are Becoming Frequent


Payroll obligations prevent you from growing your business


Staying Up-to-date with Philippines legal compliance is a challenge


​Subsidiaries and branches in different regions and with different rules cause delays and errors


Delayed Payslips and Payment disbursement 


All entries to your ERP Software have to be done manually

Partner With Us!

Payroll processing in the Philippines can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be.​ With a sizable pool of highly skilled Filipino payroll processors and robust software, we can seamlessly process your employees' payroll .

Every payroll is accurate and on-time

Our Payroll Outsourcing Services rely on clear and transparent processes and timelines embedded in AanyaHR so you never have to worry about paying your employees late or inaccurately

Save Time from Employees' Payroll related requests

Every employee will have access to viewing/downloading their COE, Loan Histories, Certificate of Contribution, Payslips and more through web and mobile app

Remove Statutory Management from your Work Load

You no longer have to manually work on updating statutory information for SSS, PhilHealth and Pag-IBIG. From Adding new employees, updating employee data, contributions and loan payments are all automated and managed by us

Share data between your ERP and AanyaHR seamlessly through our Open APIs

Send new employee, updated employee information from your global ERP to AanyaHR and get accounting entries from AanyaHR to your ERP via our open APIs and eliminate all manual data entry

Flexible and can be customized to Match Your Company Needs

AanyaHR has almost limitless options to customize your payroll processing as per your company policies and our payroll specialists have the expertise in processing payroll for industries like BPO, HealthCare, Manufacturing, Construction, Logistics, F&B, insurance, hotels and resorts, etc.

Takes only five days to get started

Setting up all your payroll policies, statutory calculations, Earnings, Deductions, Loans, uploading of employee data, payroll history, payroll calibration, dry run and training takes only five days.

Stop searching for Philippines payroll compliance

Reports we process for you

Handle any payroll frequencies





Process every payroll type


Final Pay



13th Month


SSS Maternity

14th Month

Simplify your legal compliance




e-signed BIR 2316

BIR 1601-C


DAT File


Prepare the following for you

Payroll Register

Journal Entries


Other Reports

Bank files

payroll services in the philippines - payslip posting

We remove Payroll Processes from your work load so you can focus on growing your business


Outsourced Process
Regular Payroll
Special Payroll
Final Pay
SSS Maternity
13th Month
Calculate Night Differential
Calculate Holiday Premium
Calculate Absence, Tardy, Undertime, LWOP, and Leaves
Calculate Overtime and Rest day work
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Depending on your Preference


Outsourced Process
Regular Payroll
Special Payroll
Final Pay
SSS Maternity
13th Month
Determine attendance based earnings and include in payroll
Determine Taxable/Non-Taxable earnings and segregate in payroll
Maintain Earnings History
Determine one-time earnings to be included in payroll
Determine fixed (recurring) earnings and include in payroll
yellow check

Depending on your Preference


Outsourced Process
Regular Payroll
Special Payroll
Final Pay
SSS Matenity
13th Month
Maintain Deductions History
Determine one-time earnings to be included in payroll
Determine fixed (recurring) earnings and include in payroll
yellow check

Depending on your Preference


Outsourced Process
Regular Payroll
Special Payroll
Final Pay
SSS Maternity
13th Month
Maintain Total Payments
Determine loans payable and include in payroll
Maintain Loan Deduction history
Maintain Remaining Balances
yellow check

Depending on your Preference

Other Outsourced Services

Service Type
Outsourced Process
Regular Payroll
Special Payroll
Fina Pay
SSS Maternity
13th Month
13th month calculation
Calculate 13th month pay based on Client Requirements
PHP 90k Threshold Recalculation
Recalculate 13th month and other benefits and adjust Taxable Income as necessary
Annualized Taxable Income
Recalculate Taxable Income using Recalculated 90k threshold
Tax Refund/Payable
Determine Tax Refund/Payable using recalculated 90k threshold
Bank Files
Prepare bank files
Handle report requirements
Generate payslips and provide access to self-service tools
2316 and YTD
Prepare 2316 and YTD
Previous Employer ITR
Maintain Prev Employer ITR
Calculate the tax based on Client preference
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Depending on your Preference

Steps of Outsourcing payroll processing using AanyaHR


Transfer through API or upload on the portal all necessary data for payroll processing:

  • New/Resigned Employees

  • One-time Earnings

  • One-time Deductions

  • New/Paused Loans

  • Timekeeping

  • Employee data change

Process and Finalize

After you have uploaded the requisite information, we analyze and process the payroll depending on your policies


Before being sent to you, our payroll reports go through a multi-stage audit process

Once you approve, we will publish the payslips and generate all essential government and non-government reports for you

  • Can we run two separate (confidential and non-confidential) payroll for the same cut off?
    Absolutely, you can. You can also give different people access to the confidential and non confidential payroll
  • Is there an extra charge for additional payroll run?
    No, there is no extra charge for any final pay, off cycle pay, 13th Month Pay, Annualization
  • Can you make customizations?
    You will be pleasantly surprised at how many options we already offer. In case, your requirements are not already covered we can customize (additional fees may apply)
  • How much time does it take to onboard?
    If you have all your employee information and your timekeeping and payroll policies clearly defined, we can onboard you in 5 days
  • I need more answers. Who can I contact?
    Book a demo with us to find more best fit payroll, timekeeping and employee management features to your growing team
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