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aanyahr web hr and time keeping dashboard
aanyahr mobile hr and time keeping dashboard on an iphone
Customizable hr and payroll software

Customize AanyaHR to work for your Unique HR and Payroll Requirements

The Sprout of digital economy in the Philippines is the fastest among other countries in the Southeast Asia. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, from where we work, how many hours we work. how we interact with our colleagues. Are you struggling to adapt to the new normal for HR because of your existing HRIS Tool?

Try AanyaHR, the best system in the Philippines that covers not just payroll but also HCM (Human Capital Management) which adapts to your changing requirements in a few clicks. With features such as Time keeping, Employee Self Service portal and payroll management, AanyaHR enables you to manage HR's non-value-added yet necessary tasks, so you can focus on hiring the right talent, managing employee engagement, and growing your people and your business.


Our tailor-made HR and TRAIN Compliant Payroll software which


Fully Automate HR Management

Automate all HR Admin and Payroll processes, avoid standard and repetitive HR activities


Reduce Employee Attrition

Provide a Frictionless, Merit-based and Unbiased workplace


Reduce Cost While Improving Quality

Watch AanyaHR pay for itself multiple times over by dramatically reducing cost


Improve Attendance

Significantly improve schedule adherence and attendance with AanyaHR

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aanyahr zero wait hr or employee self service

Zero Wait HR

Allow employees to instantly accomplish all HR transactions such as COE Request , downloading of Payslip , Filing of timekeeping adjustments , etc. through a click on web and mobile app

Tailorable Technology

AanyaHR adapts to your business’s needs, requirements, and processes such as payrolltimekeeping policies and approval process

aanyahr approval process creation and modification
aanyahr timekeeping settings

Flexible Timekeeping

We have hundreds of options for Timekeeping like restrict time in to any of Biometric, Web and Mobile. Only Time In Required, No time out for staff that is in the field. Tardiness, Undertime brackets. Holiday based on calendar day or shift and lots more

Five Minutes Payroll

Add/Upload any new loans, earnings and deductions, generate payroll, download bank files and publish payslips in 5 minutes

aanyahr 5 minute payroll processing
aanyahr auto e-201

Auto E201

AanyaHR automatically creates and updates each employee’s e201

Leave Management

Apply, approve, view, edit and/or cancel leaves through the web and mobile app

aanyahr leave management for web
aanyahr biometric integration on web

Biometrics Integration

Integrate your own ZK-Teco biometric in 5 minutes. Resend logs in case biometric device goes offline

Comprehensive Helpdesk

Find answers to any questions on the online helpdesk on web and mobile app

aanyahr comprehensive helpdesk
aanyahr news and annoucement for web

News and Announcements

Keep all or specific group of employees updated with news and announcement on the web and mobile app

aanyahr mobile dashboard on an iphone


Set up timekeeping, leave and payroll policies, and upload employee data


Capture Attendance record via Web, Mobile App and Biometrics


File and approve leaves, OT, Offset, etc. from web or mobile app


Generate Payroll, bank file and publish/send payslips


Generate statutory reports and journal entries

How It Works


Dependability to match

Built software with security and compliance in mind


Jumpstart your journey to hybrid work setup and sprout up among the best in the Philippines!

Experience Zero Wait HR through our Mobile App. Clock in and Clock out anytime, anywhere even without the internet! File and approve OT/leaves,view payslip and COE and more

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