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The Most Affordable

HRIS and Payroll system in the Philippines

AanyaHR is the most advanced, innovative, and customizable HR and Payroll system in the Philippines.

Get all of your HR solutions for timekeeping, leave management and payroll from the system that is web, mobile, and tablet compatible so you can work anytime, anywhere.

Fully Automated Payroll system and HRIS you can count on 

We also offer Payroll Processing Services

Let our certified payroll professionals take care of your entire payroll process using AanyaHR from start to finish, leaving you free to grow your business.

With our payroll services that comes at a low monthly fee, we assure that you save money while getting your payroll done on time with the utmost accuracy.

Want to learn more from our payroll professionals?

What sets us apart?

We are CERTIFIED FILIPINO Payroll professionals

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Philippine Payroll and timekeeping couldn't be any easier!

HRIS and TRAIN Compliant Payroll System Features

Get the most comprehensive solutions for your HR and payroll needs with the help of our smart system. Eliminate all manual and non-value added work!

payroll system zero wait hr

Zero Wait HR

Allow employees to instantly accomplish all HR transactions such as COE Request , downloading of Payslip , Filing of timekeeping adjustments , etc. through a click on web and mobile app

Tailorable Technology

AanyaHR adapts to your business’s needs, requirements, and processes such as payrolltimekeeping policies and approval process

payroll system tailorable technology
payroll system flexible timekeeping

Flexible Timekeeping

We have hundreds of options for Timekeeping like restrict time in to any of Biometric, Web and Mobile. Only Time In Required, No time out for staff that is in the field. Tardiness, Undertime brackets. Holiday based on calendar day or shift and lots more

Timesheet locking

Set up locking on filing and approving in advance per cutoff to avoid inconsistencies in your timekeeping and manual validation of filings that should only included on your payroll. Any filing that had been filed or approved after the set locking periods will be included in the next payroll automatically as timekeeping adjustment.

payroll system locking aanya
payroll system adjustment aanya

Timekeeping Adjustment

No more manual filing and approval of late filings or adjustments from previous cutoff. Generate late filed and approved filings as timekeeping adjustments of the last payroll cutoff for your upcoming payroll. Each employee also has access to generate on their own to verify that they are paid correctly.

Five Minutes Payroll

Add/Upload any new loans, earnings and deductions, generate payroll, download bank files and publish payslips in 5 minutes

payroll system five minute payroll
payroll system auto e201 aanya

Auto E201

AanyaHR automatically creates and updates each employee’s e201

Leave Management

Apply, approve, view, edit and/or cancel leaves through the web and mobile app

payroll system leave management aanya
payroll system biometrics integration aanya

Biometrics Integration

Integrate your own ZK-Teco biometric in 5 minutes. Resend logs in case biometric device goes offline

Comprehensive Helpdesk

Find answers to any questions on the online helpdesk on web and mobile app

payroll system helpdesk aanya
payroll system news and announcement aanya

News and Announcements

Keep all or specific group of employees updated with news and announcement on the web and mobile app

Fully Functional Mobile App

We are the only one in the Philippines with mobile app which has all the functionalities available on web such as filing and approval of leaves, change logs, change schedule and many more

payroll system philippines aanyahr mobile
  • Can we run two separate (confidential and non-confidential) payroll for the same cut off?
    Absolutely, you can. You can also give different people access to the confidential and non confidential payroll
  • Is there an extra charge for additional payroll run?
    No, there is no extra charge for any final pay, off cycle pay, 13th Month Pay, Annualization
  • Can you make customizations?
    You will be pleasantly surprised at how many options we already offer. In case, your requirements are not already covered we can customize (additional fees may apply)
  • How much time does it take to onboard?
    If you have all your employee information and your timekeeping and payroll policies clearly defined, we can onboard you in 5 days
  • I need more answers. Who can I contact?
    Book a demo with us to find more best fit payroll, timekeeping and employee management features to your growing team
payroll system co-workers aanyahr
payroll system philippines aanyahr
payroll system philippines aanyahr
payroll system tablet aanya

Jumpstart your journey to Paperless HR & Payroll Management made and supported with        in the Philippines

Experience Zero Wait HR through our Mobile App. Clock in and Clock out anytime, anywhere even without the internet! File and approve OT/leaves,view payslip and COE and more

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