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Expanded Solo Parents Welfare Act (RA 11861)

Updated: Jan 31

Amending provisions of Republic Act 8976, Republic Act 11861 also known as Expanded Solo Parents Welfare Act lapsed into law last 4th June 2022. Expanding the coverage and benefits will indeed aid to many families especially during this unprecedented time.

Coverage is now extended to:

1. spouses or any family member of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who are in the low/semi-skilled category and are away from the Philippines for an unbroken period of 12 months.

2. grandparents and family members or qualified guardians who bear sole responsibility over the child.

solo parent filipina

For the employed sector, Solo Parent employee will enjoy the following privileges:

1. On top of other leave credits, a Parental leave of 7 days with pay every year for the purpose of

physically attending to parental duties and responsibilities;

a. regardless of employment status and;

b. has rendered service of at least 6 months with the current employer (formerly after a

year of service);

c. non-convertible to cash

2. P1,000 cash subsidy per month from their concerned city or municipal government for

employee-minimum wage earner and those earning below P250,000 per year;

3. 10% discount and Value-added tax exemption on purchase of child’s basic needs;

4. Prioritization in government programs, including vocational/technical scholarship and housing projects.

To avail of the said additional benefits, a solo parent must present his or her Solo Parent Identification Card (SPIC) issued by the municipal government.

Violating the provisions of the new law may result to paying fines ranging from P10,000 or P200,000 as well as imprisonment, which could last not less than six months to two years.

Not merely to comply with the provision of the Act, employers are to give the needed support to solo parent employee whether it will be parental leave, flexible work schedule and a non discriminatory environment.

While waiting for the implementing rules and regulation of RA 11861 to be released by the Department of Social Welfare & Development (DSWD), HR professionals will have a vital role in the success of this new law. They can help to disseminate the information on how solo parent employee can avail its benefits. To help HR Professionals, AanyaHR News and Announcements can do information blasts automatically. To experience this awesome feature, please contact .

Kudos to our lawmakers and most especially to all Solo Parent!

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